AC proven technology chosen by thousand of dentists worldwide

AC proven technology

XDG is the AC choice of thousand of dentists worldwide thanks to its ease of use, precision and reliability. It delivers high image quality even in the most demanding working conditions, both with high resolution receptors and the finest grain films.

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Ergonomic positioning

Lightweight arm for smooth movement and stable positioning.

Excellent image quality

Finest focal spot of 0.4 for excellent image quality.

Automatic exposure setting

Comprehensive and easy to use control panel for automatic exposure setting.

Excellent image quality

Obtain the most appropriate exposure setting by selecting among 2 patient sizes, 9 programs and 3 detectors. Optional DAP available.

Automatic exposure setting

Select program, patient size and receptor - mAs are automatically set ensuring accurate radiation dose.

Ergonomic positioning

The new arm design assures smooth movements and reliable positioning.

Remote solution

The remotely mounted timer and hand switch allow you to control the exposure from outside the X-ray room


  • Choose among 4 different extension arm lengths to make your intraoral unit perfectly fit into your dental studio. You can select standard 30 cm, 60 cm or 80 cm and optional 100 cm arm.
  • FONA’s rectangular beam limiting device (3x4cm) permits significant dose reduction.
  • The mobile version is the ideal choice for dental clinics looking for maximum operational flexibility.
  • 20/21 cm standard or 30 cm optional collimator available.
  • With a cable length of 10 m, the remote hand switch is easy to mount where needed.
Generator Alternating Current (AC)
Focal Spot 0.4 (IEC 336/1997)
Tube voltage, tube current 70 kVp. 3.5 mA
Line voltage 100/230 V. 50/60 Hz
Focus - skin distance Standard 21cm
Exposure time 0,21 - 11,2 mAs
Patient Sizes Adult, Child
Number of anatomical regions 7

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